modern nINJUTSU


~~Ninjutsu Martial Arts Intention Martial Arts offers a realistic approach to self defense. It utilizes the techniques that are effective in real life situations. Unlike other martial arts, Ninjutsu has no competitive or sport aspect. It is a pure self defense system, simple enough to be utilized by anyone, young or old, male or female with effective results.

Both Sensei Marlon and Sensei Marlina are personally trained by Grandmaster Will Maier. Sensei Marlon Bonilla holds the rank of Senior Black Belt Instructor for all of Canada. Intention Martial Arts is the Canadian home for the International Modern Ninjutsu Association.

Due to the highly dynamic nature of combat and conflict in general, no individual fixed form will be sufficient to resolve any form of conflict. Therefore, it is through constant exposure to variation that a student develops the ability to synthesize his or her own technique as needed. In preliminary stages, this begins with the student learning various skills. They are also exposed to countless variations of these skills, including the integration of many different traditional and modern weapons.